Solar explosion (by ikhals)

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I have a tendency to love more. You see, I love to love, so when I love- I show you love. I scream love, I bleed love. I love and I love, I have so much love in me, and it’s sad you know- it’s lonely, all that love I give out… I never get in return.

(but I still love to love.)

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Maybe we’ll meet again one day when you’re not so broken and I’m not so jealous. Maybe one day we’ll be right for each other and it won’t be so hard for you to love me. I really hope that one day we’ll reconnect because no one has ever caught my heart in quite the same way.

But that day isn’t today. Today, you’re too broken and I’m too pushy. Today we don’t quite work out and as much as I care for you, I can’t keep pretending that we do.

So I’m saying goodbye. But maybe one day, I won’t have to.

Letters to the next (god im going to miss you)

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Most days I wish I never met you because then I could sleep at night and I wouldn’t have to walk around with the knowledge there was someone like you out there.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

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Title: Transatlanticism Artist: Death Cab For Cutie 3,901 plays


"I need you so much closer"

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